Steve Pervier wins Late Summer Series

Our Fleet 69 captain took first place in the Late Summer Series at AYC.

Next is Governor’s Cup, and the Fall Series.


C22 Fleet has Race Committee on July 25th

Fleet, we have RC duty for the Dog Days Races on July 25th. 4-8PM. It is a Saturday.

A new C22 joins the fleet at AYC

Brian Grothues, an AYC member since, 2008, Laser sailor, has purchased a nice race ready 1974 C22 from Grapevine. We got it launched last weekend, 5/31. He is targeting his first race 6/14.

The Lake is almost FULL.

The may rains raised Lake Travis over 35 feet. Both ramps are operational.

Steve Pervier 2015 Fleet Captain

Congratulations to Steve Pervier, the 2015 AYC C22 Fleet Captain.

C22 ownership change – in the family!

Patrick & Johannes Brinkmann

After entering into a boat partnership with Steve Eller on a J-80, Johannes Brinkmann had reluctantly decided to sell his C-22, Strings Attached.  When his son, Patrick, recently returned from a year abroad, Johannes asked him to help with cleaning up the boat and taking the mast down.  The plan was to take the boat to the Sailboat Shop where it would be sold.  While scrubbing the boat and reminiscing about the good times they’d had with it, Father and Son made a deal to keep her as long as Patrick pays the dry slip fee.  So, look for Patrick and his crew out on the water in Strings Attached!

Johannes Brinkmann

Ted Owens – 2014 Fleet Captain

Hello Catalina 22 fleet,

For those of you at the Christmas party, you know that Ted was selected as your new fleet captain. That’s what Ted got for missing the party.

John Grzinich 2013 Fleet Captain turns over the Fleet Captain's hat to Barbara Owens to hold for Ted.

John Grzinich 2013 Fleet Captain turns over the Fleet Captain’s hat to Barbara Owens to hold for Ted.

There are a few things that you should know:

·         Dues will be $50/captain again. You can send a check to Wade Bingaman, our treasurer. His mailing address was sent in an email.

·         We have race committee duty on 1/25 for the Frostbite series. I will send out an invitation to you all to help. This should be an easy event since it is a single long distance race per fleet. Accordingly, this is a great opportunity for someone to get some experience as PRO. Let me know if you are interested. I will be there to help you.

·         The north concrete ramp is now useable and has 6 feet of water depth for launching. I used it yesterday and it is great (however, there is no rigging dock right now).

·         I will schedule a boat work day as Opening Day gets closer. This is an opportunity to get some help with your boat projects.

I am looking forward to a good year and great racing. Ted Owens